Upgrade your home with luxury interior decor tips from Dream Designer in Mumbai

This past year of working, studying, and living indoors has shown us the need for smart and functional decor. As we see a rise in multipurpose spaces in homes, decor items will also serve more than one need. Spruce up a dull wall with a gilded mirror or a lustrous wallpaper that also reflects light which makes the space look more spacious. Indulge in decor that inspires curiosity, conversation, and play. A stack of interesting coffee table books, a carved wooden chess board, a statement art piece – the possibilities are endless!

Add some smart storage bins in your closets to ensure a clutter-free space and a clutter-free mind. You can also update your home with smart home technology and automation. Everything from appliances with mobile apps to touch screen panels that are light switches, thermostats, and intercoms all in one are available. Bring home decor items that do the work and look good doing it too!



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