The 7 Elements that Make Your Interior Excellent

  • Colour: Colour is beyond just decoration; it is synonymous with the vibe of the space. Imagine the colours green and blue – they are examples of calm shades. On the other hand, red or yellow are more intense. The colour you choose creates the mood of your room.
  • Form: Form or shape outlines the boundaries of an interior and every object inside these boundaries. Imagine perfect shapes and edges, which you may also know as geometric patterns. Then, there are uneven and usual imperfect shapes, which look more natural. Form creates the speciality of the interior – innovative or classic.
  • Line: Lines usually start at the boundaries – top to bottom, side to side, or creative no-ends. It highlights your personality. Side-to-side lines convey boldness, while top-to-bottom express security and zig-zag lines display thrill. Lines are crucial when adding feels to a room.
  • Light: You must have heard about warm and cool lights; they are what makes an interior look natural or artificial. Although it depends on a person’s choice, there are effective ways to use light. For example, you will need brighter lights for the kitchen, small spotlights to highlight art or decorations or soft light for the study.
  • Pattern: You can establish patterns in many ways – by using wallpapers, floor mats and even paintings to create one or more patterns. However, too much can make the interior look chaotic.
  • Space: You cannot design a room without considering its space. How high is the ceiling, what is the breadth of the room, and what do you plan to fit in? Usually, more items need more space. The best interior designer in Mumbai will always recommend against creating a tight space.
  • Texture: Texture is the physical feeling a room gives. It can be smooth or a bit rough. Many designers can even converge it with patterns to create texture. Texture can be creatively used to go beyond the usual and play with the senses


If you want to jazz up your home or office’s interior, choose designers who can proficiently use these elements to create something that makes you go “Wow! This room is one of a kind”

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