How to design your living room? Your choices and checklist

Living rooms – one of the most understated, yet the most important areas of the home. You may call this the face of the house. The place where we receive our guests, where first impressions are made, deserves the importance it commands. 

Designing the living room with the help of our interior designing services can save money spending the purchase of unnecessary furniture. With the help of our interior design services, recognized as one of the best in Mumbai, having mastered the art of customizing spaces to your best possible use, can also enable you to add more value to your living area, without overcrowding it or making it look deserted. Optimization of the space in the drawing-room, the place where usually the guests are seated is important when it comes to designing your home. 

Usually, we at Kunal Interiors & Associates make use of multiple techniques to deliver the best results to our clients. With modern technology at its peak, interior decoration is no longer an art. Current day home décor design and furnishing involve a lot of logic, reasoning and critical science that can make your home exactly as you demand it to be.

Keeping various cultures and traditions in mind and creating a well thought out plan as per the exact understanding of your needs is something we at Kunal Interiors & Associates can handle. We are considered as one of the best interior designers in Mumbai, to take up the embellishment of such a significant space of your home as the living room. 

Suiting your needs, make sure some of the most essential elements are well thought out. These include

  • Wall mounts – not just to accommodate space needs, but also to add flavour and chic elegance.
  • Vases and flowers
  • The colour of the walls – discuss with us – what’s in what’s out – colours are also responsible for creating a sense of space. Bright, bold colours make large rooms also seem smaller. Soft pastels, on the other hand, are better for smaller homes
  • Furniture – classic or modern? Too much or spacious – your call
  • Tables – Glass? Wood? Stone? The choices are unlimited in both material and size
  • Cabinets – should there be any at all? If yes, would they seem like they are closing in on you? 
  • Carpets – Additional seating? 
  • Would you like television to hang here with your gang watching the latest game or will it be too noisy and disturbing to have the TV right there?
  • Wine display – would this add to your swag lifestyle or frighten the traditionalists visiting your home?
  • What about the lighting? 

         It’s the little things in life that matter most. Designing or decorating your living room is an absolute source of joy. Taking the above-mentioned checks and consulting us at Kunal Interiors & Associates, is the key to staying afloat. We have been experts in the industry for more than 15 years and can help you go easy with all that you need well within your budget.


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